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One of the northernmost workshops in the world

Kimek has a strategic location in Kirkenes on the doorstep to The Arctic region and Russia. We have a network of partners in Russia and one of the northernmost mechanical environments.


Our main activities:

  • Repair work, maintenance and ship rebuilding

  • Production of steel constructions

  • Service within mining industry

  • Electrical work within building, industry and ships.

  • Service for oil and gas related vessels



Kimek was established in 1986 with the Russian fleet in the Barents Sea as a main market, service for the mining industry and the Norwegian-Russian trade cooperation. In 1991 Kværner took over the company and expanded the shipyard with the ship lift and the ship hall.

Through the next years it has been changes in ownership, first local owners and then Bergen Group took over 100% of the company.


Nowadays Kimek has local owners again that also owns an Offshore company (Kimek Offshore AS), engineer services and offices in Murmansk (Kimek Engineering). Kimek has about 74 employees and 13 apprentices at the moment.

Kart over nordområdene som viser Kirkenes
Flyfoto av Kimek
Den gamle dampsentralen
Kirkenes og Bøkfjorden
Kimeks anlegg og Kirkenes
Foto Torfinn Iversen
Skip til reparasjon i hallen
Kimeks anlegg sett fra Storgata
Kort vei til Russland
Contact us

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Kimek AS

Phone: +47 78 97 71 00

Visiting address

Storgata 4, 9900 Kirkenes


Postal address:

Kimek AS, P.O. Boks 34, 9915 Kirkenes, Norway

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