Ship repair and Industrial services on top of the world

One of the northernmost ship repair yards in the world

Kimek is one of the northernmost ship repair yards in the world, with a unique location near Arctic waters and Russia. Fish and the oil-and gas industry are developing rapidly on both sides of the border and are our biggest clients at the present time. We have the Arctic competence and a lot of experience in rebuilding, service and maintenance.

We mainly perform

  • Rebuilding and installation of equipment

  • All kinds of repair, both mechanical and electrical

  • Water jetting, sandblasting and painting



  • Heavy lift for ship and module 117x24 m 5000 tones

  • Heated ship hall 80x40 m 33.6 m high

  • Crane 2x50 tonnes

  • Quay structures 280 m length

  • Modern quay with water depth 5.5-8 m

  • Prefabrication welding shop

  • Electromechanical workshop

  • Motors and machining workshop

  • Barracks for own and hired personnel



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